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Vitamin D

The D shouldn’t stand for deficiency.

You need Vitamin D for bone health. It can also boost your overall wellness, staving off colds and helpting to fight depression. Doctors estimate that adults need at least 1,500-2,000 International Units of vitamin D each day. Here are four ways you can up your intake and do your body good.

  1. Eat foods like tuna, salmon, beef liver, cheese, egg yolks. Vitamin D fortified foods including dairy products, orange juice, soy milk and some cereals are good choices as well. Try the grilled salmon at Mussel Bar. Your bones—and your tastebuds—will thank you.
  1. A small amount of sun can be good for you. Skip the sunscreen and expose your skin to some full-on sunshine for about 20 minutes. Perhaps while you sit outside and sip an espresso at Le Pain Quotidien?
  1. Talk to your doctor about a vitamin D supplement. It can be more helpful for some than UV rays. If your doctor agrees, you can find what you need at the Giant in Bethesda Row.
  1. Um, cod liver oil. Don’t go ewww just yet. The vitamin-D rich fatty fish oil comes flavored with mint or citrus and can also be taken as a capsule. CVS carries it in soft-gel form.