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Perfectly paired teas for fall and winter

Which cold-weather tea can help you weather a cold? Be a hit at holiday brunch? Pair perfectly with a roaring fire and cozy throw? We asked the experts at Capital Teas.

For days when you’re not feeling well, try our Organic Cold Relief tea. There’s no caffeine, so you can enjoy its rich medicinal flavor any time. The organic licorice root may help reduce pain from the cold, especially a sore throat. Be sure to steep for 10 minutes to extract active compounds from ingredients.

You can’t go wrong with our popular Capital Breakfast Organic Tea at your next brunch. Spirited and complex, this award-winning tea is one of our most popular. An instant way to make guests feel at home? Just pop in one of our single serve pods and add a splash of milk if you like.

Forget pumpkin spice coffee. Nothing fuels your fall-loving soul like Organic Pumpkin Spice Oolong with its toasty, familiar taste of classic pumpkin pie right from the oven.

We love it for a night in front of the fire, but it’s also great to sip on all day long since there’s no sugar!