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What to do with all that late summer produce.

Who doesn’t love getting fresh produce at Bethesda Row’s Farm Market? Here are some ideas to enjoy your produce through the end of summer… and beyond!


Freeze it.

Before you freeze it, blanch it to get rid of bacteria and help produce keep its gorgeous color. Have an ice bath at the ready for a quick veggie chill before the deep freeze.


Can it.

Fill your pantry with pickles, tomatoes, okra, green beans, beets, peaches and other goodies to get a taste of summer all year long.


Cook it.

A few of our favorite ways to use up fresh veggies… whip up a big batch of ratatouille, tomato sauce, pesto or caramelized onions!


Celebrate it.

In case you need an excuse to entertain, host a produce potluck. Prepare three or four fruit and veggie main dishes and invite a few friends to bring fruit and veggie apps and dessert.