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Equinox’s Stephanie Rosenblatt shares her favorite pose.

We asked one of Equinox’s lead yoga instructors to talk about her favorite pose, Half Moon, also known as Ardha Chandrasana. Ardha means “half” and Chandra means “glittering, shining, brilliant light.”

“This posture is fun and challenging,” Stephanie says. It can be modified for beginners and varied for advanced practitioners. She says she likes it because it can be “a very playful pose when you add in variations with legs and arms and a variety of balancing.”

What’s more, Half Moon pose helps with all kinds of things, including backaches, anxiety, sciatica and fatigue. It can help improve digestion, strengthen ankle joints, leg muscles, buttocks, abdomen and spine. At the same time, it stretches the legs, shoulders and the chest and helps improve coordination and balance while alleviating stress.

Can your favorite yoga pose do all that? Check out one of the yoga classes at Equinox today and find out!