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How to taste wine like a sommelier.

Our end-of-summer Perfect Pairings event drew droves of food and wine enthusiasts to the Row. It also brought out our inner sommelier, reminding us of the importance of truly appreciating the taste of wine and the ritual of winetasting itself. Here are some of our top tasting tips to make your next glass of wine at the Row even more enjoyable.

Less is more. Pour a small amount into your wine glass. The rest should be filled with air. Oxygen interacts with the wine, bringing out the flavor and aroma.

To have and to hold. Pick up the glass by the stem and hold it up to the light. Notice the color and clarity.

Breathe deep. Tilt the glass slightly and stick your nose in. Inhale. Notice the aroma. Does it smell fruity? Fresh? Does it remind you of another familiar smell?

Swirl ‘n’ sniff. Now swirl the glass carefully. Smell again. It should be more intense this time.

Now taste. Don’t be shy. Take a good swig and let the wine fall over your tastebuds. Hold it in your mouth as you consider: is it sweet? Mineral-y? Does it feel full-bodied or thin and light? Does it seem balanced?

Take your time. A glass of wine is one of life’s simple pleasures, yet the entire experience can be complex. Don’t rush it. Enjoy. Breathe. Taste. And taste again. Ahhh, life is good.

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