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La vie en rose there...and here.

One of our correspondents is living and working in Paris this season. And she can’t help but be struck by the contrasts—and connections—between home and away. The French call it “la vie en rose,” which literally translates to “the pink life.” It’s about finding the simple joy in the world around us. It is those pleasures that remind us, even in difficult times, that life is beautiful. Look for la vie en rose and you’re sure to find it, there as well as right here at home.

The Cours du Commerce Saint-Andre is this very narrow, very cobbled and hidden passageway with cafes and restaurants. It reminds me so much of Bethesda Lane!

I love, love, love macarons. But my new sweet indulgence is the creme chou from La Maison du Chou. It’s the lightest puff of pastry that they fill right in front of you with the most perfect whipped cream. The only thing that will console me when I get back is a salted caramel Georgetown Cupcake.

I walk by the Tuileries fountain every morning on my way to the gym. Like our own fountain outside of Barnes & Noble, there’s just something peaceful about the water that draws you in. 

I think Parisians love dogs more than people. Just like home, I see them everywhere…in cafes, walking along the streets, a little dog park behind the Louvre. I saw this chien on a walk the other day. He had the most serious expression, like a French philosopher.

I hate to admit it, but I usually duck into Starbucks when I need a quick coffee fix. But it’s worth it to take the time for un petit cafe and watch the world go by. It’s something I plan on doing more of at LPQ when I get home!