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Equinox helps you power through the New Year

What if your workout routine weren’t so…routine? Get your sweat on with these innovative – dare we say, fun – classes from Equinox and resolve to make 2018 your strongest year yet.

The Cut Jump Rope

Practice like a prizefighter in THE CUT’s newest evolution: a supercharged jump-rope class that keeps you on your toes for a double blast of cardio and conditioning. Using a weighted “fury” rope in this 30-minute class means you’ll get faster, better results and have no problem fitting it into your busy schedule.

The Pursuit

Don’t call it a spin class. Step into a darkened studio with groundbreaking in-studio gaming and data visualization, fire up your bike, and push yourself to the seemingly impossible in this hi-tech, high fat-burning class.

Precision Running

Run smart, hurt less and burn more in the running experience that is redefining treadmill training. Switch up your speed, time and incline in precisely timed intervals and redefine your running zone. It’s the only method-driven program in the industry and Equinox is the only place you’ll find it.