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Meeting Mr. Swipe Right

5 perfect first date ideas. You're welcome.

Got a hot Tinder date? Here are five ways to meet cute. We’re pretty sure you’ll fall for at least one of them.

Bagel run. Park at Bethesda Row and hit the Capital Crescent trail. Follow up your run with a bagel and coffee at Bethesda Bagels.

Love, Italian style. Take a stroll on European-style Bethesda Lane. End up at Dolcezza for a gelato on the patio.

Three coins in the fountain. Tell him to meet you at the fountain in front of Barnes & Noble. If he’s smart, he’ll tell you he’s the one holding your favorite latte from Quartermaine.

Artsy-fartsy. Show off your cultural side and meet him for an indie flick at Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema. If all goes well, grab a post-show flight at Vino Volo.

Sharing is caring. Meet for small plates on the patio at Redwood. See if he picks up the tab. If not, swipe left.