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10 ways to be more awesome today.

Treat someone. Next time you’re at Starbucks or Georgetown Cupcake, pay an extra few bucks to treat the next customer in line.

Compliment someone. Your server at Redwood is wearing the prettiest shade of lipstick. You like the shoes of the woman waiting alongside you to cross Bethesda Lane. Speak up and let them know…trust us, you’ll make their day!

Smile at a stranger. Little kids have no problem with this one. A big, open smile can really lift someone’s mood—including your own.

Cheer someone up. Next time someone seems sad or grumpy, don’t take it personally. We all have bad days. Say something nice or make a little joke.

Send a text to an old friend. You’re standing in line at the bank or the grocery store. Use your downtime to lift someone up. Send a short text to someone you’ve lost touch with. It could be a little reminder of a fun time or an invitation to reconnect.

Help someone. Hold a door open, offer to help carry a heavy package or ask a neighbor if they need you to pick them up something next time you come to Bethesda Row.

Wear color. Even a gloomy day looks brighter with a pop of color. Treat yourself to a bright pink lipstick from Bluemercury, a multi-colored scarf from Calypso St. Barth or a fiery red umbrella from Sassanova.

Leave a book. Instead of letting it collect dust on a shelf, bring a paperback you’ve already read and leave it for someone else to discover. One of our favorite places to leave a random book is by the fountain outside of Barnes & Noble or on a bench near the Capitol Crescent Trail.

Clean up after yourself. Throw your popcorn and candy wrappers away when you leave the Landmark Cinema. Wipe down exercise equipment when you’re done with your workout at Equinox.

Let someone else go first. When you feel impatient, it’s a good time to slow down and take a breath. Instead of giving in the feeling of rushing, step back and let someone go in front of you.