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Get cozy, Danish-style, and beat the winter doldrums.

Looking for a way to get through the long, cold winter? Take a tip from the Danish and try “hygge.” Pronounced “HOO-gah,” the word has no English translation, but the closest meaning has to do with a feeling of being cozy.

The Danes describe hygge as more than the act of putting on a sweater and huddling under a comforter. It’s actually about the feeling you get from doing these things. Known as the happiest people on the planet, they clearly know what they’re talking about.

Here are a few ways to get that warm, fuzzy hygge feeling in your life:

Put on your fuzzy slippers and light some scented candles. Let the aroma and soft, golden light take you to your happy place.

Snuggle under the covers with your kiddoes or pooches and/or someone else you love. There’s nothing like the feeling of a hug—and flannel sheets—to warm you from the inside out.

Sip a hot toddy by the fire with your BFFs. Bask in the glow of friendship and hot mulled wine at American Tap Room.

Wrap yourself in a cozy, fleecy robe and knit a scarf. Savor your moment of me-time while you think about who might be the lucky recipient of your crafty goodness.