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A foodlover’s guide to the best beer pairings.

Inspired by American Tap Room’s tasting notes and all of the diverse flavors you’ll find at Bethesda Row, we’ve put together some of our favorite food and beer pairings. We hope it will inspire you to “drink outside the wines” next time you’re dining out!

A HOPPY IPA works great with Uncle Julio’s beef fajitas or carnitas that combine the sweetness of medium rare beef with citrus tang.

LIGHT & CRISP American Pale Lager pairs perfectly with Uncle Julio’s Fish Tacos or Nando’s Peri Peri spicy chicken dishes. Add a slice of key lime to punch it up a notch.

The FRUIT & SPICE of a Hefeweizen is enhanced by the creamy, sweetness of Redwood’s Farm Beet Salad. A slice of orange brings out even more fresh fruitiness.

BOLD & ROASTY Milk Stout tastes even more chocolaty, creamy and sweet when paired with seasonal fruit desserts, such as the Cobbler of the Day at Cafe Deluxe.

A MALTY & SWEET Irish Red’s caramel and toffee notes and downright toasty character pairs well with classic Onion Soup Au Gratin at Mon Ami Gabi.