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Doggy Bag 101

“No, really, it’s for my Yellow Lab...”

Halfway through a super nice dinner, at, let’s say here, here or here, you begin to feel as if you’re about to give birth to a food baby. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Suddenly, the server approaches. You see the remainder of your $35 steak about to flash before your eyes. Now what?

Have very little shame. Even if the server doesn’t offer you the option, it doesn’t hurt to ask. There’s no shame in taking home an entree. However, we have to draw the line at taking home leftover rolls from the bread basket, extra butter pats or packets of sugar.

It’s okay to share. The average restaurant food portion can actually serve a small family. Especially if you’re eating “family style.” When the meal is over, politely ask if anyone would like to take the remainder of, say, that giant plate of calamari. If no one bites, it’s all yours.

Your server is only human. No hissy fits if he or she accidentally tosses your leftovers before you get a chance to request your to-go box. It happens and we doubt this will be your last time dining out.

DIY doggy bag? Some places will pack up your leftovers for you. Others will bring out containers so you can tackle the job yourself. If that is the case, be brisk and discreet when de-plating.