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Just say no to Follian’s list of toxic ingredients.

Do you know what’s really in your moisturizer? Your mascara? Your hairspray?

We pay attention to the food we put in our bodies, but what about the products we put on our bodies?

Follian at Bethesda Row carries skincare, makeup, hair, and bath & body products of the highest standards – ones that actually work and are 100% good for you. Founder, Tara Foley, explains why most products and ingredients don’t make the cut.”

“Ingredients can be harmful for different reasons. Some may dry out skin while others have been linked to cancer. Often, these ingredients are put into products to make them more pleasing — whether to smell a certain way, create a richer lather or give them a longer shelf life. But our bodies don’t know how to process them. At Follain, we ensure every ingredient in our products plays a positive role in your health. No downsides or compromises allowed.”

Ready to check your labels? Check out Follian’s list of more than 20 restricted ingredients here.