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Our top picks for your winter vacation.

Heading to warmer climates this winter? Don’t forget to take along a little light reading for the plane or the beach. Download onto your iPad or go old-school and pick up a real live paper version at Barnes & Noble. Even if your idea of a getaway is a Sunday afternoon on your living room sofa, these are all great reads!

The Regulars

By Georgia Clark

Three NYC BFFs stumble on a potion that will make them supermodel gorgeous.

I Take You

By Eliza Kennedy

Lily and Will are about to be married. As their wedding date approaches, a side of Lily emerges that might change everything—in the worst possible way.

This is not My Beautiful Life

By Victoria Fedden

Try not to snort strawberry daiquiris out your nose while reading this memoir of a 36-year-old mother who’s struggling to restore function to her hilariously dysfunctional family.

The Girls

By Emma Cline

Any resemblance to the Manson family is purely coincidental. Or is it? This coming-of-age thriller is impossible to put down, so make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen.

Modern Lovers

By Emma Straut

The past invades the present when longtime best friends Elizabeth and Zoe are approached by a filmmaker about a project that will reveal some unseemly secrets from their youth.