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Secrets of the Apple Store Genius Bar.

The last time we bellied up to the Genius Bar, we were tempted to throw caution (and our broken iPhone) to the wind and order an Appletini. While cocktails might not be in their repertoire, the geniuses can help with fixes great and small. Here are five tips to up your Genius Bar IQ.

  1. Back up your data. Before you come in for your reservation, be sure to back up the data on the device that needs help.
  2. Make an appointment. Visit apple.com or use the Apple Store app on your iPhone. While this step isn’t necessary, it will help save time.
  3. Check in. When you arrive, check in with a team member or check in using the Apple Store app.
  4. Allow enough time. Most sessions last about 15 minutes or more for complex issues.
  5. Leave your “genius” friend home. You know the one. The Apple Store geniuses may not know everything, but they’re the ones you came to see. So trust the process—and their expertise.